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Equipment for Optical Fibre Research, Development & Manufacturing

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Winders, Proof Testers & Rewind Equipment

Versatile, High Speed Optical Fibre Tensile Proof Test and Rewind Equipment 


  • Ultra high line speeds (configuration dependent) 
  • Versatile PLC control system 
  • Standard test loads up to 26 N 
  • Dwell time/load optimisation by selectable gauge length 
  • Stepless load selection with load cell monitoring 
  • Dual function design - proof test or rewind only 
  • Integral length counter with target length stop facility 
  • Rapid, trouble free threading up with safety interlocking 
  • Optional 'zero tension' optical dancer system 
  • Choice of take up winders (single or dual drum auto-change)


Individually Configurable
A range of versatile, high speed tensile proof test and rewind equipment for todays high performance optical fibres. Lines are individually configured from our standard range of equipment to sit the needs of each particular application.

Bespoke Engineering

Engineers and design teams in SG Controls and throughout the Newton Technology Group are always on hand to advise and offer support for any bespoke engineering project. 


Technology Transfer

Independent process experts are often the best people to introduce staff to new technology particularly where existing production schedules cannot be compromised.  SG Controls are process experts and can deliver training and technical transitions either at your site or in the Newton Development Labs.  With a full suite of Optical Fibre manufacturing equipment we can train new staff and re train the more experienced in new techniques with disturbing your current process.

For large manufacturing installation projects a full package of technology transfer can be configured to meet the demands of full factory start up.


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Design and Build

New products often require new production facilities.  If your short term or long term development plan includes an upgrade or new facility then the Newton Technology Group may already have the designs on the drawing board.  With Joint Venture experience and a full project management team available our Advanced Project Technology Company might be your next partner.