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Engineering and machinery for the optical fibre industry

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Support and service for the MR range of semiconductor manufacturing systems

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First choice for the III-V electronic materials industry

Continuing over 25 years of pioneering work in the development of production equipment for III-V compound semiconductors, such as Gallium Phosphide and Gallium Arsenide, Metals Research has remained the acknowledged world leader in the fields of III-V semiconductor crystal growth and thin film epitaxy.

The unique resources of expertise and experience, together with our continued philosophy of integrated process development, equipment design and manufacture enables us to continue to offer an unequalled range of products and services in these fields.

Metals Reseach Limited continues to be wholly committed to the provision of a complete service to its customers, whether for a single piece of equipment or for complete turnkey packages with full end product guarantees and transfer of technology.


Bulk Crystal Growth Systems

  • Fully automated, computer controlled LEC equipment for III-V compounds such as GaP, GaAs, InP and InAs
  • Research, development and full production equipment
  • GaP and InP synthesis systems
  • Growth systems for oxide materials YAG, LiNbO3 and GGG
  • Ancilliary equipment for crystal processing, annealing etc

Metal Organic Vapour Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE)

  • Research and developmet systems for III-V and II-VI compunds (GaAs, GaP, GaAsp, InP, InAs, CdHgTe etc)
  • Production systems for III-V and II-VI compunds
  • Research systems for oxide materials

Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE)

  • Research and development systems for III-V and II-VI compounds
  • Production systems for III-V and II-VI compounds

Other Services

  • Custom equipment design
  • Process and equipment development projects
  • Process guarantees with full technical process support
  • Facility design and construction, and gas supply installations
  • Turnkey projects with transfer of manufacturing technology, installation, commissioning and maintenance

Bespoke Engineering

Engineers and design teams in SG Controls and throughout the Newton Technology Group are always on hand to advise and offer support for any bespoke engineering project. 


Technology Transfer

Independent process experts are often the best people to introduce staff to new technology particularly where existing production schedules cannot be compromised.  SG Controls are process experts and can deliver training and technical transitions either at your site or in the Newton Development Labs.  With a full suite of Optical Fibre manufacturing equipment we can train new staff and re train the more experienced in new techniques with disturbing your current process.

For large manufacturing installation projects a full package of technology transfer can be configured to meet the demands of full factory start up.


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Design and Build

New products often require new production facilities.  If your short term or long term development plan includes an upgrade or new facility then the Newton Technology Group may already have the designs on the drawing board.  With Joint Venture experience and a full project management team available our Advanced Project Technology Company might be your next partner.