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Automated Manufacturing Systems for 'State-of-the-Art' Optical Fibre Preforms


  • Excellent productivity: 700+ km per preform
  • Ideal for multimode and speciality fibres
  • Versatile and precise software control of parameters
  • Highly reproducible layer thickness and composition
  • Highly stable preform straightness and circularity
  • Fully configurable, automated process sequences
  • Network connectivity
  • Totally integrated system design and manufacture
  • Superior Gas System integrity maintaining reagent purity
  • Complete range of Ancillary Systems
  • Guaranteed and demonstrable end-product quality 


Modular Design

Our standard system configuration has been designed to cater for most applications.   Being modular design system, however, gas channels may be removed or added to suit any unusual requirements.   Alternative dopants and process gases have been requested for special systems, and enquiries for 'one-off' specials are always welcome.   Our extensive experience in this field, together with our 'in-house' design and development facility enables us to offer a unique design and development service to our clients, with the assurance of complete confidentiality. 

Precise, repeatable control over the flow and composition of the reactants mixture is ensured by using high precision MFC controllers in conjunction with a purpose designed bubbler/isothermal bath system.   Reagent purity is maintained by using all PTFE valve blocks and piping, enclosed with an elevated temperature controlled dry box, and delivery umbilical to the purged PTFE rotary input seal on the lathe.  Both the glove box and umbilical are purged with dry nitrogen.

All stainless steel systems, as an alternative to the PTFE/steel hybrid are also available.

To ensure the highest possible standards of quality control, all SGC systems are fully manufactured in-house in our own workshops, down to component level for our propriety designs of valves, bubblers, tanks etc.


Advanced PC/PLC Process Control

Fully automated control of the Gas System and Lathe process parameters provides the precise, automated process control necessary for high yield production of today's highest quality preforms.  The advanced, user friendly PC/PLC control system with touch-screen provides full colour data logging of the system status and parameters and a clear 'at-a-glance' overview of the current status throughout the process.

The software may be re-configured readily for any application and allows the operator to make 'real time' adjustments to system parameters during the process using the keyboard and touch-screen, should conditions require it.  Network connectivity is available as an option, and the standard preform tube internal pressure control system may be enhanced by the addition of precision continuous tube diameter measurement with closed loop diameter control.


Accurate 'Hot-Zone' Temperature Control

The special design of burner and unique use of a scanning pyrometer enables accurate temperature measurements to be made within the hot zone to ensure tight control over material deposition and fusion rates.

These factors, coupled with the precise control of hydrogen/oxygen flow rates and mixture stoichiometry also allow the use of low flame pressures on the tube and minimise gas usage.

The accurate alignment and high stability of the lathe mechanics and SGC proprietary double chucks used in conjunction with our hot zone temperature control system and automatic pressure control within the tube, all contribute towards the excellent preform straightness and circularity essential for the highest quality and yield in fibre production.  An optional class 100, laminar flow clean air system and environment enclosure is also available.


Accurate Tube Diameter Control

Improved process control is achieved by using the SGC tube diameter control system, which utilises CCTV with custom image processing, in conjunction with an advanced system for the control of internal tube pressure.


Ancillary Systems

A complete range of ancillary systems is available, including high performance, process gas purifiers and driers, exhaust gas scrubbers and multi-channel bulk reagent storage units with automatic bubbler refilling.



SG Controls can offer a complete installation, commissioning and maintenance service in addition to full technical process support and training, including the transfer of all manufacturing technology.  Complete 'Turnkey' design and construction packages with full end-product guarantees are also available.


Bespoke Engineering

Engineers and design teams in SG Controls and throughout the Newton Technology Group are always on hand to advise and offer support for any bespoke engineering project. 


Technology Transfer

Independent process experts are often the best people to introduce staff to new technology particularly where existing production schedules cannot be compromised.  SG Controls are process experts and can deliver training and technical transitions either at your site or in the Newton Development Labs.  With a full suite of Optical Fibre manufacturing equipment we can train new staff and re train the more experienced in new techniques with disturbing your current process.

For large manufacturing installation projects a full package of technology transfer can be configured to meet the demands of full factory start up.


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Design and Build

New products often require new production facilities.  If your short term or long term development plan includes an upgrade or new facility then the Newton Technology Group may already have the designs on the drawing board.  With Joint Venture experience and a full project management team available our Advanced Project Technology Company might be your next partner.