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Optical Fibre Systems


SG Controls Ltd has a wide range of Draw Tower options to cover all aspects of Silica, Speciality Glass and Polymer Optical Fibres.



During it’s history SG Controls has designed, engineered and built Optical Fibre Draw Towers in possibly as many configurations as there are installations.  Manufacturing optical fibre is a competitive business and neither fibre research or fibre production should be limited by constraining the draw tower to a standard design.


Bespoke engineering or maybe it is just flexible thinking, results in a Draw Tower that is fit for your purpose.


A rigid box section structure allows us to build towers from 5m to 35m in height with field proven performance.


The use of common components for both research and production towers, supports the migration of new process methodology through scale up.  Tower control software is purposely standardised within the product range to assist with the technology transfer.  Learning curves are kept to a minimum and when support is required the network ability of the system means you can be on line to an expert in real time.


Towers for Silica Fibre R & D.  Towers for Special Fibre R & D.  Towers for Polymer Fibre R & D. 


Dual Sided Draw Towers.  Hybrid Draw Towers with Multiple Draw Systems.


Single or Dual Sided Production Towers for all Fibre Types.


Bespoke Engineering

Engineers and design teams in SG Controls and throughout the Newton Technology Group are always on hand to advise and offer support for any bespoke engineering project. 


Technology Transfer

Independent process experts are often the best people to introduce staff to new technology particularly where existing production schedules cannot be compromised.  SG Controls are process experts and can deliver training and technical transitions either at your site or in the Newton Development Labs.  With a full suite of Optical Fibre manufacturing equipment we can train new staff and re train the more experienced in new techniques with disturbing your current process.

For large manufacturing installation projects a full package of technology transfer can be configured to meet the demands of full factory start up.


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Design and Build

New products often require new production facilities.  If your short term or long term development plan includes an upgrade or new facility then the Newton Technology Group may already have the designs on the drawing board.  With Joint Venture experience and a full project management team available our Advanced Project Technology Company might be your next partner.